Waste Collection & Recycling


Regular household garbage and rubbish will be collected by the Borough contractor each Wednesday. “Garbage” is generally described as food and waste typically generated by a household. Backyard collection is provided for regular household garbage only. Garbage must be placed in watertight containers not exceeding 32 gallon capacity.

2019 Waste Management Flyer

During weeks with a holiday observed by Waste Management, collection will occur on Thursdays. Those dates for the remainder of 2019 are:
Labor Day: Collection will occur on Thursday, September 5th 2019
Christmas: Collection will occur on Thursday, December 26th 2019

“Rubbish” is generally described as discarded appliances and/or furniture, non-routine household items such as moving boxes, attic items, discarded clothing, etc. Yard and garden waste – including grass clippings, leaves, vines and hedge clippings – is also considered rubbish and will be routinely removed every Wednesday. Rubbish must be placed in suitable containers (cans, boxes, trash bags, bundles) if possible, and placed at the closest public street line for collection, not earlier than one day before Wednesday pickup.

The Borough contractor will not pick up tires, auto parts, or construction materials. By law, appliances containing freon must be drained by a certified technician and tagged as “freon-free”. Items of rubbish left behind by the Borough contractor have not met collection standards.

Please notify the Borough Office as soon as possible to report missed garbage or rubbish pickup. Under no circumstances are grass clippings, leaves, or other debris to be deposited in the Borough streets or sewers! A permit for outside burning must be obtained from Allegheny County.

All residents are encouraged to recycle. Edgeworth is proud to offer Curbside Recycling to all residents within the Borough. Edgeworth Borough recycling cans may be purchased for $20 each (cash or check) at the Borough Building. In addition to the Curbside Recycling program, a drop-off recycling site is located at 101 Chestnut Road – adjacent to the Norfolk Southern Railroad Tracks. Items that may be recycled include plastics (#1 – #7), paper, aluminum, glass, bi-metal and tin cans. For a more detailed breakdown of what can and cannot be recycled and the yearly curbside pickup schedule please click here.

Note: Residents may recycle grass clippings by simply leaving them on the lawn or by composting.

IMPORTANT: Recycling our household materials and waste is an extremely easy way to make our community a more sustainable municipality to live in. In saying that, there are some helpful tips that make the recycling process flow smoother, safer, and more efficient. The recycling center is a valuable resource to our Borough. It allows residents to recycle large amounts of material such as paper shreds, cardboard boxes, and glass anytime at all! It is important to ensure that when you dispose of items in the recycle center (and in your recycle containers at home) that you do not place them in a bag. Recyclable items that are placed in bags will not be accepted by Waste Management’s Green Star Recycling center. When the bags arrive at the recycle center they are immediately placed in the trash. There are many reasons for this, including the safety concerns of the workers when opening unmarked opaque bags and the harm that the bags can cause to the automated sorters within the facility. Please ensure that you throw your items directly in your recycling container or directly in the recycle center dumpsters. Cardboard boxes are among the most recycled items at the recycle center. Materials such as this can often take up a large percentage of the containers. Cardboard must be broken down into smaller pieces (14” x 14” is ideal). If you have any questions regarding the Borough’s recycling operations please contact the Borough office at 412- 741-2866 or by email at office@edgeworthborough.org

What’s the Deal with Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are virtually everywhere in daily life. While convenient and abundant, they are not an ideal solution, nor are they permitted in Edgeworth’s single stream recycling program. Below is a video that explains the single stream collection process. The video also explains why plastic bags cannot be recycled in our program. If you have any questions concerning plastic bags, please contact the Borough Office.



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