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Edgeworth Police Department


The Edgeworth Police Department is a community oriented organization. Our officers continually strive to provide the best possible service to members of our community by ensuring professional and courteous communication. Our Patrol Officers are a vital part of Edgeworth and strive to maintain high visibility and accessibility. When you see an Edgeworth Patrol Officer, please feel free to engage them in conversation and most importantly always remember they are there to ensure your safety. Led by Chief of Police John English, the Edgeworth Police Department has three full-time Patrol officers and six part-time Patrol Officers. The Edgeworth Police Department is also home to a 24 hour dispatch center. The Dispatch Center is always available to Edgeworth residents and visitors alike!

Chief English

Chief John English


Census Information
The Edgeworth Police Department maintains family census information. This information assists the Department in providing protection to your family and your home. Please be sure to file census information and update it as needed.

It is unlawful for any person under the age of eighteen (18) to be or remain on any street or in any public place in Edgeworth Borough between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Some exceptions may apply. If you have specific questions with regard to exceptions, contact the Police Department.

Forms are available at the Borough Building for you to fill out and file if you do not want canvassers to visit your home. A list of those properties where solicitors are not welcome is given to anyone who obtains a permit to canvas in the Borough. If you are visited by a solicitor and have signed such a form, please notify the Police Department immediately.

Key System
The Police Department maintains residence keys for approximately 90% of our residents. They are kept under lock at all times and are not given out to anyone but the residents themselves. Proper identification is required by the resident or the key is not released. If the key is to be released to anyone other than a resident, please present a letter confirming your permission for the key release. Again, proper identification must be shown. The key is also used by the Police Department for alarm calls. If an Officer enters your home to check the interior or reset the alarm, a courtesy slip will be left. It will contain the Officer’s findings and disposition of the alarm.

Alarm Systems
All alarm systems are to be registered with the Police Department. If you have an alarm system, please advise the Department of the location of the alarm box and the correct code for setting and resetting the alarm. This helps in case there is a malfunction in the system and you are not available to reset the alarm. If more than three false alarms occur in a calendar year, you will be subject to a fine.

Vacancy Information
Please report to the Police Department when you are going away, even for a short length of time. The following information is helpful to the Officers when checking your home:

  • Date that the house will be vacated and date of return.
  • Please call the Police Department upon your return.
  • People who have access or a key to the house, including cleaning people, house or dog sitters, yardmen, etc.
  • Lights that will be left on in the house while you are away. Also location of lights and if they are on timers.
  • Emergency telephone number where you can be reached.
  • Vehicles that will be left in the driveway or garage and a description of them, including color and make.
  • A letter giving permission to repairmen, contractors, painters, etc. to be in or on the property.

Please remember that all information is kept confidential.

No Parking Signs
Edgeworth Borough Ordinance No. 433 restricts parking during large events because of our narrow streets. Therefore, the Police Department urges you to call and request “No Parking” signs when you are having an event. The Police Department will post the area so emergency apparatus can safely proceed should an emergency arise.

Speed Limit
The speed limit on all Borough streets is 25 MPH. In the school zone, it is 15 MPH.

Emergency Preparedness
The Borough has adopted an emergency management plan which will be used as a tool to guide emergency personnel in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Should an emergency of such severity occur as to require evacuation, you will be alerted by emergency personnel and will be directed to designated evacuation routes.

Fire Protection
The Cochran Hose Company, Inc. is providing fire protection for Edgeworth Borough. In case of a fire, call 911. Information about Cochran Hose Company, Inc. can be found at http://www.cochranhose.org.

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