Way Park is located at the intersection of Beaver Road and Meadow Lane. It was established as a Borough park in 1921 after its 1.5 acres were donated to the Borough by the heirs of John Way, Jr.

Morrow-Pontefract Park is located at the boundary of Edgeworth and Leetsdale Boroughs and is bordered on the eastern side by Beaver Road and on the west by the Ohio River Boulevard. It was established as a Borough park in 1956 after its ten acres were donated to the Borough by the heirs of Elizabeth W. Pontefract, John D.A. and Jessie L. Morrow, and William Walker.

Walker Park is an eighty-one acre park located in Leet Township along Little Sewickley Creek Road. This property was donated to the Borough in 1934 by William and Jane D. Walker. The following rules and regulations apply:
One individual shall be allowed to apply for a single permit on behalf of a group.

No permit shall authorize a use longer than twenty-four hours.

Permit fees are as follows:
$35.00 – 20 or less
$65.00 – 21 or more

Edgeworth Borough residents are not charged a fee unless they are acting on behalf of a club, fraternal order, governmental agency (excluding a public school), professional association or business organization.

Park Rules
To make the parks pleasant and accessible to all residents, please observe the following:

    Park hours are from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified by the permit.
    No games of chance, or selling of items is permitted.
    No motor vehicles are permitted, except for access to the shelters at Walker Park.
    No organized athletic activities are permitted.

Everyone is required to respect trees, shrubs, and flowers, as well as other property. Pets are permitted in Borough parks. However, dogs and cats may not run loose.

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