Edgeworth Borough is situated in the Sewickley Valley and is located just 16 miles outside the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. Edgeworth is proud to be one of the premier residential communities in the Sewickley Valley. In Edgeworth we treasure our abundance and variety of mature trees, our interconnected sidewalks that link the neighborhood together, and the architectural structures that give our community its iconic charm. We are delighted to be one of the most walkable communities in Western Pennsylvania. Please browse our site to find out about all of the great services that Edgeworth Borough has to offer. Check back frequently to keep up to date with all of the latest events, programs and meetings going on in our community.

**Seeking Interested Residents**

The Borough of Edgeworth is looking for current residents who are interested in volunteering for various Boards and Commissions within the Borough. Interested residents can inquire by visiting the Borough Office or by phone at 412-741-2866 or by email at office@edgeworthborough.org. These openings provide a great opportunity for residents looking to become more involved in their local government and to publicly serve the community that they call home.

“I can assure you, public service is a stimulating, proud and lively enterprise. It is not just a way of life, it is a way to live fully.” – Lee H. Hamilton

**Sewickley Borough Memorial Day Weekend Schedule of Events**

Sewickley Borough Memorial Weekend Events

**Email Alerts**

Edgeworth Borough will be collecting resident email addresses in attempt to provide news and information electronically as well as through our reverse 911 system and through conventional mail. While we will still be sending out paper quarterly newsletters, we encourage residents to sign up for our electronic version of the newsletter. We are pursuing more responsive, adaptive, and sustainable methods of communication in hopes of providing channels of communication that work for all Borough residents. Anyone interested can sign up below!

  • Edgeworth Email Alerts


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Edgeworth Borough
301 Beaver Road
Edgeworth, PA 15143
Phone: 412-741-2866
Fax: 412-741-6998
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